Next-generation Recyclable Plastics Are On The Horizon

Next-generation Recyclable Plastics Are On The Horizon

Recycling your waste? Awesome! However, did you know that plastic recycling currently has limitations? But there’s good news with next-generation polymers.

Every time a plastic product is mechanically processed for recycling it loses some of its useful properties. After a few cycles of reprocessing the properties of the plastic such as flexibility or heat resistance will have reduced to such a low level that it becomes unusable.

However, chemical recycling provides a way to recover the chemicals in the plastics for remanufacturing. PDK (polydiketoenamine) is a next-generation polymer plastic which is highly recyclable. It’s possible to break down PDK into its component parts using a strong acid. PDK is suitable for use in a wide range of products such as flexible food packaging, heat-resistant electronics components, vehicle and aircraft parts, wind turbine blades, and energy-efficient construction materials.


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