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Welcome to Boat Cove Ocean Gear Shop where you can buy artwork created by me, Nelly P. l'm living by the sea and doing sea-side things. Writing and creating ocean-inspired artwork for you. My ocean gear supports my Boat Cove writing where you can read positive articles all about the ocean. You can help me continue by buying my ocean-inspired cruelty-free clothing designs here. I'd really appreciate it if you make Boat Cove one of your choices of sustainable brands.

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  • Local Creativity

    I'm a down-to-earth, creative person trying to educate and make a difference. I write, create art, fix and recycle all sorts of stuff, basically, I'm a hoarder =) Devonshire 'born and bred' and me and my family love living by the sea at Dawlish in the UK. Our amazing local sea life and maritime history inspires my writing and art.

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  • Boat Cove - Surfer at sunset at Wazza (Dawlish Warren)

    Genuinely Ethical

    Protecting our precious oceans is vital and, for me, making ethical choices is a given. I started buying 100% cotton clothing because it's recyclable and biodegradable and then I began to create my own for our friends and family. You can help me continue my writing by buying my ethical clothing. I consider protecting the environment and the clothing makers when sourcing my garments because being as ethical as possible is just the right thing to do.

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  • Playful Adventurers

    Me and my lovely family live by the sea near Boat Cove, Dawlish and we do seaside things! We love being at the ocean, whether sailing, SUP, surfing, wild swimming, snorkelling or just chilling on the beach. The sea makes everything better.

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