How Boat Cove designs are created

Hand-crafted, uniquely designed products from Boat Cove

We think our hand-drawn artwork has a unique Boat Cove feel that enhances your ocean lifestyle.


All of our hand-drawn illustrations start with pencil on paper. Pencil drawings have a natural look to them that digital art doesn't have, you can see the unique quality of hand-drawn art.

Pencil and pen and ink Kraken illustrations

Finished pencil illustrations are then overdrawn in pen and ink ready to be digitised.

Starfish illustration

Once we have the illustration on our Apple Mac computer, it's digitally cleaned and sharpened.

Common starfish illustration in black and white

Then the image is coloured.

Coloured common starfish illustration in pink

The design is then printed onto garments.

Blue T-Shirt back with a pink starfish printed on it

For digital illustration we use:

Apple iMac, Apple MacBook Pro computers
Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer software
Canon LIDE scanner


If you have any questions about how we produce our designs just ask ping us a message. Thanks for being here!